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By sarahpavey, Apr 1 2015 01:17PM

We have had some fun over the last two months despite a few winter coughs and colds

February saw a return to the Cheshire Cheese in Little Essex Street as part of the Brandenburg Fringe Festival. Our co-performers were Academix and Treblesome. We had a fantastic evening and lots of support for our performance. We managed to include some new material too and this was spotted by the organiser. We really enjoy these performances to a varied audience who seem so interested in the stories behind our songs as well as the music.

In March we were honoured to step into the residents slot at the famous Cellar Upstairs Folk Club supporting Roy Bailey. What an evening! We had earlier performed a ceilidh in Nunhead but made the venue easily with time to spare. We had some surprises meeting old friends from abroad and some regulars from other clubs. We sang for two 20 min slots giving a good range of our songs and hope we will make a return trip before too long. Roy Bailey was amazing and some lovely thought provoking songs.

On Mother's Day (15th March) we were back to St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham providing entertainment for their Sunday Lunch. There was a great crowd and despite the fact we were actually providing background music a surprising amount of interest in our songs. One member of the audience told us our rendition of the Jute Mill Song had brought a tear to his eye reminding him of his native home.

And so onward to April and kicking off on 3rd with a ceilidh at Charlton House. We will also be returning there at the end of the month, 24th for the annual St Georges Day celebration supporting John Kirkpatrick. In addition we will also be performing at Ruskin House for their regular St Georges event.

By sarahpavey, Nov 8 2014 04:20PM

After the excitement of the Tenterden Folk Festival we quickly turned our attention to our next gig at Ruskin House and the Croydon Folk and Blues Club. We had a warm welcome and sang for 35 minutes with a mixture ranging industrial songs to Shakespeare. One member of the audience commented that we had "taken him home" to his native Scotland with our renditions of The Jute Mill Song and Will Ye No Come Back Again. The Club have decided that we can come back again!!! We sold quite a few of our CDs as well. A great evening.

Our next outing was at The Cheshire Cheese (not to be confused as Sarah managed with The Old Cheshire Cheese - an identikit pub close by in Fleet Street). This was for the Brandenburg Fringe Festival which brings together acapella groups. We were performing alongside The London City Singers and the Academix A Capella. We were sandwiched in the middle as something "different".

The room was small but the audience packed in (sometimes in shifts). The LCS gave a great performance of mostly show songs which warmed up the audience. Our set was very well received - in particular the Greenland Whale Fishery which had the audience living the whole tale. Chris E gave an excellent introduction explaining how the sailors only had a small boat and a pointy stick and that whales are in fact very large. During the interval the audience said they were amazed at the stories behind all the songs and we like to think we have done some fusion work between folk and classical. We sold some more CDs and someone bought us a drink and then we settled down to listen to the very complicated and intricate songs from the Academix. Many thanks to Bob Porter of the Brandenburg Festival for an excellent gig opportunity and to our fellow performers.

So we are now getting ready and practising our winter repertoire ready for the Ebola Charity Concert in Tadworth on 22nd November, our official album launch at the Charlton House Wassail with John Kirkpatrick on 11th December, our support slot with Les Barker at TwickFolk on 14th December and our live appearance on BBC Radio Kent on 21st December.

By sarahpavey, May 5 2014 09:50AM

Morrigan have had an exciting month in April with some great gigs all centered on St Georges' Day.

First up was headlining at Ruskin House in Croydon on the day itself, 23rd April. There is a photo of us playing rather than singing but our songs received a great reception. We tried out our two new Shakespeare numbers "When that I was a little tiny boy" and "How should I your true love know?" as well as May Day favourites. We were invited to come back and entertain again - quite something when this is essentially a blues folk venue.

Our next gig was supporting the fantastic folk legend Martin Carthy at our regular GFMA Charlton House venue. We did almost half an our of songs before Martin took to the stage. Our repertoire included Hal an Tow, Padstow May Processional (night song), our new Shakespeares, The World Turned Upsidedown (Diggers) and the New St George. We always like introducing the Diggers as we do an annual ceilidh at St Georges Hill near Weybridge which rather ironically is now a gated community for the very rich !

Our third St Georges' Day special was at the secret venue in London near Covent Garden for the Brandenberg Fringe Festival. It was an evening of acapella singing and we had been invited as an add on to the 4 main acts to "try out" - no pressure then!!! We were delighted to find our 10 min interval slot was changed to 15 minutes to start the second half and were stunned by the wonderful reaction we received from the audience who clapped and cheered after each number and then stamped their feet and joined in with Padstow such that we thought any minute they would be dancing in the aisles. Given the audience and the other choirs (Tiffinians, Waltham Madrigals and Kitch n Sync) were performing madrigals and songs from shows we were unsure of how our blend of folk music would be received but could never have anticipated the degree of enthusiasm. Again we have been invited back and have definitely put folk music on the agenda.

So now we return to a quieter May and hopefully putting the final touched to our CD so that it is ready for the autumn. Don't forget we will be at The Two Brewers as usual on May 13th

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