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The Myth of the Morrígan


In Celtic religion, The Dagda was one of the leaders of a mythological Irish people, the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Dagda was credited with many powers and possessed a caldron that was never empty, fruit trees that were never barren, and two pigs—one live and the other perpetually roasting. He also had a huge club that had the power both to kill men and to restore them to life. With his harp, which played by itself, he summoned the seasons. The Dagda mated with the sinister war goddess Morrígan.


The Morrígan is a triple deity comprising Macha known by a variety of names, including Dana and Badb (“Crow,” or “Raven”), Morrígan or Black Annis (who survives in Arthurian legend as Morgan le Fay) and  Nemain.


The Morrígan's earliest written appearance is in the stories of the Ulster Cycle. She first appears to the hero Cuchulainn, who catches her attempting to steal one of his cows. The hero does not recognize her, and in his attempt to prevent her taking the cow, he incites her to anger. She makes a prophecy of his death in battle, which comes to pass.


The  Morrígan is said to wash the bones of the dead in battle and appears as a black crow.




The Origins of Morrigan


Unlike our Celtic namesake we do not shape shift into crows or any other beast as part of our act!      


Our name originates in our initial line up  when we first sang as a female trio. In 2010 we added a couple of male voices to the line up and since 2024 we have reverted to three retaining one male voice.  However we have known each other and played together for over 30 years through our mutual involvement in ceilidh bands, folk singing, morris dancing, theatre and education.


Our music is a blend of traditional and contemporary songs, some self penned, and delivered in three part harmony. Although we also all play a variety of instruments we tend to sing acapella.


We are available for booking for your folk club, ceildh, party or any other event. Please listen to us via the "Hear Music" or "CD Info" tabs above or watch a video of us perform in "Gig Reviews" or via our YouTube site and if you like what you hear and see go to "Contacts" to get in touch.

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