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Morrigan for traditional folk songs, acappella folk songs, harmony folk songs

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"Morrigan are a folk quartet offering authentic charm. Expect ballads of love and life plus the occasional drinking song."


"Morrigan work their magic."


"Morrigan, are an entertaining quartet of folk singers who introduce each song with a little story about it's origins - charming delivery"


"Absolutely fabulous, and eager to entertain!"


We have now performed once or twice a year for the Brandenburg Fringe Festival. These acapella evenings were held in central London venues and the most popular for us has been the Cheshire Cheese pub in Little Essex Street - a small, cosy and atmospheric upstairs room that complements our repertoire perfectly.


Usually we shared the performance with other acapella groups of different genres and our recent partners have beem Kitsch n Sync, the Academix and the Decibelles. However we have also had to perform without support for the whole evening.


Unfortunately lack of funding has meant these evenings are currently no longer running but we hope for a revival soon

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