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We have now performed for two years running at this fantastic music festival. Over 500 bands take part and we are amongst a handful of artistes offering traditional folk song and music


This year we played in 3 very different venues. The rather grand Ashton Memorial concert hall in Williamson Park, the more intimate coffee shop Diggles in the town centre and the Tap House pub which surely offers some of the best brewed beer!

Ashton Memorial 1
Ashton Memorial 2
Ashton Memorial 3
Diggles 2017
Tap House 2017
Morrigan at Diggles

Watch the video of us singing at the Ashton Memorial

"Enjoying some great a capella folk from Morrigan at Diggles Lancaster Music Fest. October 14, 2017"


"I  could hear Morrigan in the street as I was approaching Diggles and thought it was a CD that was playing - They were excellent!"

Borough Morrigan 1
Borough Morrigan 2

Morrigan for traditional folk songs, acappella folk songs, harmony folk songs

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