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Morrigan for traditional folk songs, acappella folk songs, harmony folk songs

Morrigan in France

Morrigan Hareng Roi Beer
Morrigan Hareng Roi Fish Stall 2
Morrigan Hareng Roi Fish Stall 5
Morrigan Hareng Roi Giants 9
Morrigan Hareng Roi Stage 1
Morrigan Hareng Roi Stage 3
Marche Noel 2
Marche Noel 3
Marche Noel 4

The Herring King Festival takes place in Etaples near Boulogne  each November. We performed two slots on the main stage in the marquee and also in a nearby cafe.


Traditionallythe Festival  celebrates the return of the fishing fleet from northern waters when much of the town would help unload and prepare the catch – and once all the hard, smelly and cold work was done they would have a feast and celebrate with music and dancing!,

Following on from success at the Hareng Roi Festival we were invited to perform at the Christmas Market in the town. This was in a dedicated area in the middle of all the stalls where we played and sang to a bustling Christmas crowd with themed tunes, carols, wassails and winter songs


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